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ter To Your Hier Self

Harmonize & Nurture Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

ady to experience wellness that trscends t ordina?

Join us at Gaja Boheme for a journey like no other, blending ancient wisdom with modern healing to help you feel amazing. Our Gaja Boheme Experience is a is a unique blend of treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate, catering to all five senses.

Imagine a soothing massage that reconnects you with your body, energy healing that revitalizes your being, and a session under a crystal light bed that balances your energy centers (chakras), all while listening to calming sounds during meditation. It's truly a magical adventure that will leave you refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

You can also try our Gaja Ayurvedic Experience, a unique massage rooted in a 5,000-year-old tradition from India. This massage is all about treating your body as one-of-a-kind, using herbs and bodywork to make you feel better in every way.

And finally - our VIP Experience, a full day dedicated solely to you. Immerse yourself in a customized blend of our offerings, tailored to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Discover the transformative potential of our 5 Month Container program, designed to elevate your well-being to new heights.

Come and discover the harmony of your mind, body, and spirit at Gaja Boheme. You'll leave feeling better than ever before!

Rest assured that when you visit Gaja Boheme in Coral Springs, FL, you're entering a sanctuary of well-being. We are dedicated to assisting you in attaining your holistic health goals, ensuring that when you step out of our center, you not only exude tranquility and inner radiance but also experience profound relaxation and indulgence. Your peace of mind and rejuvenation are our top priorities. Read More.

Don't forget to check out our amazing practitioners who also share the space with us, each bringing their unique expertise to enhance your wellness journey. Tap Here!

Intducing our vip Expeence

The Gaja Boheme Experience is a holistic journey designed to profoundly relax and rejuvenate. A soothing massage relieves tension, paving the way for deep relaxation. The addition of sound therapy using crystal bowls and guided meditation induces a state of profound peace, heightening receptivity to healing energies. The experience includes crystal light bed therapy, employing crystals, color, and light to harmonize energy centers, align chakras, and release blockages, leaving you revitalized. This transformative experience transcends boundaries, offering a powerful release of stress and tension, enabling a reconnection with your higher self. Immerse yourself in this unique, holistic healing journey and discover its extraordinary potential. Read More Here.

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Kira R.

"Laura is so amazing and her energy is powerfully healing. All the products she makes by hand, with so much intention, are great and definitely must-haves for your space. She took me through the works and I had a lovely aromatherapy session along with a massage, sound healing and guided meditation. It was definitely a deeply needed session for me and it just feels good to be able to feel good in a space with another beautiful human being."

Jasmine M.

"Gaja Boheme,

Thank you for such an absolutely phenomenal experience. You've unlocked a new level of peace and grounding within myself, I am so grateful for this ULTIMATE experience. I can not wait to recommend my family and friends to you as the service provider was beyond A1 luxury!"

Jamie V.

"Laura is absolutely amazing to say the least! If I could rate her 10 stars I would! I met Laura on IG and she invited me for some reiki and massage therapy. Her massage is unmatched, especially her scalp massage. From the moment you walk in her studio, the ambiance and the energy is so calming and peaceful I felt so free and was able to let go and just be. I am truly grateful to have met her and have this incredible experience! I can't wait to see her again!"


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